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Our trading conditions really are that good.
Access forex, indices, metals, shares, and commodities on the world’s largest, most liquid markets with tight spreads and lightning-fast executions.

Types of orders.

Market order.

A market order is the buying or selling of an asset at its current price. Executing a market order results in opening a trade position. You buy at ask price and sell at bid price.

Pending order.

A pending order lets you choose the price at which you want to buy or sell. So, your order will only be executed if a specific price is reached. Pending orders include limit orders and stop orders.

Stop loss.

In case your trade moves in an unprofitable direction, you can use a stop loss to minimize losses. A stop loss is always connected to a pending order or open position.

Take profit.

A take profit closes your position once the price reaches a certain profitable level. This order is always joined to an open position or a pending order.

Stop out level.

The stop out level is the margin level at which your open positions will start to be automatically closed. The stop-out level at FXGlobe is 25%.

Please Note:

* The information provided is subject to change at any given time and could change on a daily basis, without prior notice. Please always check the trading specifications in the Trading Terminal before executing trades.

** Spread Specifications derive from *RAZOR PLUS ACCOUNT , during the trading hours 08:00-20:00 GMT +2

Trading conditions.

Our tight spreads, lightning-fast execution, and leverage options create the perfect storm for retail and professional traders.

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