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Meet Adam.

Meet technical and trend-based trading specialist, Adam Peter Harris. His theory is simple: learn what not to do.

Bối cảnh.

Based in London, UK, Adam has been trading professionally since 2013. A former animator, he no longer wanted to sacrifice his time for money—so he drew up a second career as a master trader. It let him take control of his financial future and remove any earnings ceilings.

Phong cách giảng dạy.

Adam wants to help you trade confidently enough to earn a secondary or primary source of income. Your goal is to make money, and that comes from safe trading. His advice? Focus on trend trading, pick 1 strategy, and commit to completing 100 trades perfectly.

Danh tiếng chuyên môn.

Adam trades for two regulated funds in the UK. His clients include many high-profile exchanges, brokers, and organizations. His qualifications include Anti-Money Laundering, CFA Institute Investment Foundations, and he’s a member of the Society of Technical Analysts (STA).

Những sự thật ngắn.

Adam trades so that he doesn’t have to depend on someone else for his income. And thanks to compounding, his income actually increases most months. Essentially, he uses two trading strategies: with-trend, either enter on a breakout or a pullback. Any timeframe, any instrument.

  • Weirdest trade location: onboard a plane using the in-flight WiFi
  • Favorite financial instrument: Nasdaq 100
  • Languages spoken: English, some Afrikaans, and a little Spanish
  • Travel style: explore local foods and be immersed in culture
  • Favorite destinations: the Maldives, Cape Town, Spain, Jerusalem, Zanzibar
  • Next travel plans: scuba diving in Thailand

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.
– Hanlon’s razor

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