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Meet Tamar.

She’s an accomplished trader with a passion for formulas. Find out how to make better decisions with Tamar Mehr.

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Decisions, decisions, decisions

Today’s fast-paced markets mean we must make quick and informed choices, more than ever. Tamar believes we must go beyond understand the dynamics of trading and technical analysis and consider the effect our everyday decision making has on trading decisions and how that influences long term success.

Phong cách giảng dạy.

Tamar began her career as a software engineer before shifting to financial market trading in 2007. Her experience in programming and AI allowed her to create smart algorithms for rapid entry and exit trading. This propelled her interest and success in the industry.

Danh tiếng chuyên môn.

Tamar is based in Brisbane, Queensland, and speaks English, Hebrew and a bit of Spanish. She loves the world of financial markets and the freedom it gives her. Aside from being a full time trader, she’s a qualified martial arts trainer and an accredited national referee.

Những sự thật ngắn.

Tamar is an established neuro-psychological trading mentor with an impressive resume. If she could travel back in time to the start of her trading journey, she’d tell herself, “Every challenge is an opportunity in disguise.”

  • Experience with forex, indices, commodities, and shares: over 15 years
  • Favorite destination: Far North Queensland
  • Trading style: capturing momentum and trend change on lower timeframes
  • Favorite financial instrument: DAX (Germany 40)
  • Go-to stress-buster: martial arts training (3rd Dan Taekwondo Black Belt holder)
  • License: Australian Financial Service License RG146 Derivatives (General Advice)

“A wounded lion is still a lion”

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